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Everything we do we believe in bringing more good into this world while helping others achieve their best.

The way we bring more good into this world is by providing inspiring products and services that challenge others to be more and do more. 

AND... we happen to build the world's best Leaders.

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About the Founder
Jeramiah Solven
Jeramiah Solven is the founder of Conquer Academy  a premier leadership and performance coaching company founded on tacit knowledge. He  is a former U.S. Army Ranger officer who has helped more than 350 individuals grow as leaders over the last 15 years. He has worked with clients ranging from CEOs, small business owners, pilots, athletes, FBI Agents, to a billion dollar company.  It's Jeramiah's mission to bring more good in this world while helping others achieve their best. 
What Can Conquer Academy Coaching Do For You?
 Combine leadership and performance to become a leader who wins
 Learn to put yourself first and become the leader your family, friends, and team need
 Adopt a  unique way to achieve your goals 10x faster and stop wasting time
 Overcome fear, paralysis by analysis, and get into action mode immediately
 Generate massive confidence and change the trajectory of your  life
  ​Maximize  your performance so that you can break through the obstacles holding you back
 Create balance in your life with structure and become happy again
 Do all this and  evolve into the leader you were born to be
Conquer Academy is designed to move you from one level to the next
Level 0: Student of Leadership = Pursue leadership mastery.
Level 1: Lead Yourself = Get out of your own way and dominate your field.
Level 2: Lead Others = Build and develop a winning team.
Level 3: Lead a Company = Create a culture of excellence.

Benjamin Moore - CEO,
 The Ugly Company
Problem: Ben had diminished performance for more than 7 years. Loss of focus. Loss of impact. Revenues were declining rapidly and was on the verge of quitting.

Solution: Got to the source of the problem. Stretched his role as a leader. Created a strategy to define and achieve goals and regain the momentum he lost in life.

Outcome: Ben started operating at his best and successfully launched The Ugly Company.  He accomplished getting 1,500 products in 16 stores in the first 5 weeks of business and rapidly grew his company and broke 6 figures. His newfound passion help him earned $39,000 in revenue across three days. Most importantly Ben became happy again.
Greg  H. - S.W.A.T.,
Special Weapons and Tactics
Problem: Greg wanted to achieve the next milestone in his career and lead at a higher level. He felt he wasn’t ready. He had a two year plan he wanted to accelerate. Greg felt frustrated with how to get to the next level with the time constraints and workload he had. He believed his work/ life imbalance was holding him back.

Solution: We reconstructed his priorities and time. Then we went through a step by step process to accelerate his progression.

Outcome: Consolidated his 2 year plan to 6 months. Fulfilled his dream and became a member of SWAT.
Gerard Rodriquez - Aviator, Boeing 737 Co-Pilot
Problem: Despite his success in the aviation world as a Boeing Pilot, Gerard struggled with fear, self-doubt and how to have a mindset of a leader. Gerard wanted to become a stronger leader in his career and improve his income. He was frustrated, stuck, and was fed up trying to accomplish his goals alone.

Solution: We took a deep dive into his obstacles and insecurities and discovered a cracked foundation. We created a plan of action and applied practical tools to build his leadership, and income.

Outcome: After years of dealing with imposter syndrome, doubt, feeling stagnant, Gerard was able to start leading at work among a team of five, he regained his confidence, and started a business which doubled his monthly income. He did all this while maintaining his 9-5 across a 6 month period.
Here's Just Some Of What Will Be Covered…
  • A step-by-step plan which will simplify and clarify the necessary procedures you need to reach your goals. 
  • How to identify specific goals 
  • Keys to balance your life's priorites 
  • How to qualify your dreams so you are working on the most important ones first
  • The 7-step formula for setting goals
  • Finally, a commitment to yourself that will lead you to Victory!
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